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Friday, January 02, 2009


This morning, we woke up to the first snow of this winter -not too much, but enough to cover the trees and houses with a thin layer of white. I just love the lighting when everything is snowy outside (because the light is all diffuse due to the snow's reflection) so DH and I went to the park in front of the house and took some wintery pics!

The make-up is rather subdued, I used Warm Chill on the lid, Dungeon in crease and Heart of Gold to blend the two together, and some additional Dungeon in the inner crease to give some more dimension. Lashes are au naturel today, and for the wintery reddish cheeks I used some Hipness blush applied with the MAC #187.

Product list
Face: MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC15, MAC Studio Finish NC15, Pure Luxe April's Mix, MAC Hipness
Eyes: MAC Bare Study, MAC Warm Chill, Fyrinnae Heart of Gold, Archetype Dungeon, Manhattan JT, Maybelline kohl in black + white, CG Lash Blast
Lips: MAC Pink Lemonade l/g


jojoba said...

lovely as always!!! i keep thinking about Manhattan JT since the first time I saw you used it. such a shame that it's not so easily found. you are the only one who uses it! :)

ClaudiaR. said...

I love it... Why don't you publish a little tutorial?... Claudia (from Colombia, SouthAmerica)

Autumnal Frost said...
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Autumnal Frost said...

I love your blog! Such clear, lovely quality on the microcosms. What camera do you use? Also, which colour mascara?- it looks to be the darkest shade they make, true?

Rocketqueen said...

Oh princess! You look as beautiful as ever! Dazzling!

Padmita said...

@Claudia: Right now, I don't have time for tutorials :( - I'm glad if I manage to do a look per weekend! I have done tutorials before and it used to take me a long time to get it ready! I've had the video tutorial suggestion quite a few times but personally, I'm not a fan of them so I haven't been able to bring myself to do one... I try to give a description of what I did in my posts though!

@Autumnal Frost: I use an Olympus E-410 for macro shots with a 35 mm lens, and most face shots were taken with a Fuji F10. Yes, the Lash Blast shade I am currently using is "Very Black", but I'm running out of it and will be using just "Black" next :)

@Rocketqueen: Thanks *hugs you*!!

Anonymous said...


I discover your blog now and I found your make up are marvellous.
So are your photographies ....

I have two questions and I don't find your contact so I ask them here :

- Can you tell me how is your camera ????

- What is the "You+Eye Fixing Gel" to fix your glitters ????

Thanks a lot !


Padmita said...

@datura: Thank you very much!

My camera is an Olympus E-410, and I use a Zuiko 35 mm lens for my macro shots (which I usually do myself).

You+Eye Fixing gel is a sticky glitter adhesive which can be purchased at Douglas stores. If it's not available where you live, try MAC Mixing Medium Eyeliner as a subsitute!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot !!

Anonymous said...

Did you mean the Olympus E-410 for macro, or for micro?

Padmita said...

I mean macro - although the camera, without the proper lens, can't take any real macro shots!

Anonymous said...

Do you use the Olympus E-410 to take all/most of your photos, simply just change the lenses? Even for the micro eye shots? What size lens do you use for those?

Jessie said...

Alright. My thoughts to you, seeing all of these inquires about your camera/lenses, is that you make a definitive post, including example pictures with all camera-info (including lens size) underneath each individual photo so that everyone will not have to ask the same questions, rephrased. Interesting as polite as they are!!